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Can I keep him?

Title: Can I keep him?
Author: amarie_authiel
Rating: PG-13, probably lower.
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin, Gwaine
Word Count: ~660
Warnings: Silly and fluffy.

Arthur woke with a jolt as a tall, good looking man with long hair ripped up the door to the bed room, turned on the lights and shouted:
-Merlin! Why are you still in bed, your shift starts in 30 minutes! Oh, hello there! Who's this then?

Merlin peeked up from behind Arthur's back.

-Morning' Gwaine. This is Arthur! Isn't he adorable? He followed me home. Can I keep him?

Merlin smiled drowsily and wrapped his arms around a slightly stunned Arthur and pulled him close. Memories from the night they had shared came rushing back, and he tried to keep a clear head as Merlin let out a content sigh against his neck.
Gwaine laughed bemused.
-Easy now, Merlin. He probably has people somewhere who miss him and wonder where he is.

-Awww! complained Merlin.
-But I'll feed him and love him and he can sleep in my room. You'll hardly know he is here.

Gwaine struggled to keep a straight face.
-That is all well and good, but you have other responsibilities. Like work?
-I traded shifts with Percy, now stop making so much noise. You'll scare him away.

-You guys do realize I can hear you, right?

-No, 'cause I'm stupid. Oh, shoot. Gwaine, just so you know: I'm stupid now.
Gwaine folded his arms and leaned against the door frame.
-Oh really? Since when?

Merlin covers Arthur's ears with his hands.
-Since Arthur only dates airheads and bimbos, and I think I want to keep him.
Arthur felt his heart beat quicker.

-Oh, now I recognize him! Well, he is fairly OK to look at, if you like that sort of thing. How you plan to achieve all this, then?
-Yeah... I will have to pretend I care a lot about what car he drives and how much money he makes and... shoes? Do you think I need to worry about shoes?

Gwaine shrugged.
-Well, to match his previous dates... I believe you must. And you might need a Chihuahua or two.
Merlin groaned. -Oh, not Chihuahuas!
Arthur gave him a startled look. Merlin looked back and Arthur once again got lost in the gold speckled ocean that was Merlin's eyes. Merlin sighed.
-Ok then, I’ll get a Chihuahua.

Gwaine gave his jaw a scratch.
-Well... this is one incredibly stupid plan, I'll give you that. What ever happened to intelligent conversation, great humor and brilliant cooking skills? It's just not good enough anymore? Not to mention having the coolest best friend ever!

Gwaine struck out his arms and pointed back to himself, in case there should be any doubt who he was talking about.

Merlin shook his head.
-Nope. Sorry. Shallow and stupid. He didn't even notice me until I asked the dumbest question about iPhones I could think of.
-Which was? No! You didn't?
-I'm afraid so.

Gwaine hid his face and winced. -No! I can't bear it! You... slut!
-Oh, it works as a phone too?!

Gwaine raised his arms in defeat.
-That's it, I can't hear another word. You are on your own, I disown you! You are… like me! I am…actually a bit proud. But mostly disgusted. Disgusted! And you Blondie better be worth it. And now it's me who will be late for work. Bye-bye!

Merlin snorted a laugh as the word Disgusted was shouted before the front door slammed shut.

Arthur turned towards Merlin.
-You really want to keep me? I’m not… an easy person to live with.
He couldn't help that his voice sounded weak.

Merlin looked at him with such fondness that is was almost unbearable.
-We’ll figure things out.

Arthur wrapped his hands around Merlin and pulled him close. He rested his head against the man's back, listening to his heartbeat and wondering how it was possible to find something you didn't know was missing and you didn't know you needed.

-Please don't get a Chihuahua?
Merlin laughed softly.
Tags: fan fiction, merlin

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