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It seems Aprilsfools day is the day I finally get my act together and start piling together a masterlist.

Most of my writings can be found at the Camelot Drabble community.
All my series (should) have a link to the next chapter at the bottom of the post.

One shots:

Trial and error
Canon AU. 3 parts so far, approx 600 words in all.
Merlin begged to be beheaded, so they built him a pyre. But it doesn't end there.

Fools rush in
620 words. Modern AU. Slashfic. Fluff. Merlin/Gwaine
For heaven’s sake! He was nearly 30 years old. He did not leave anonymous Valentine’s cards on people’s desks. In September!

It's up to you
195 words Modern AU. Slashfic. Fluff. Merlin/Arthur.
Arthur tries show rather than say.

Lazy Daisy Camelot Drabbles' Holiday exchange - 2014
for alafaye.
900 words. Modern AU. Fluff. Slash fic. Merlin/Arthur
The demands on both their time have increased and these small moments in bed before the day starts are everything when days are filled with duties that keep them apart.

How to make Arthur misty eyed in 200 words.
Modern AU. Knit fic. Fluff. No pairings. 200 words. (d'uh)
It's Christmas and Arthur receives a gift he wasn't expecting.

AU. Crossover madness. 390 words
Merlin is showing Arthur a Wholock video to distract them a little. Because their lives are really, really stressful. Really.

Gwaine's brew
Modern AU.
Gwaine has had enough of Arthur's moping and has a brilliant solution. Beer. With a surprise twist.

But this I know for certain (that you'll come back again)
1000 words. Futurefic. Pre-slash or once-and-future-slash. Slight dystopia?
Inspired by Scottish independence and reality shows. Yes, really. :)
The world has changed, the country divided, Arthur is the co-host of "The Merlin of the Century" and Emrys claims to be just that and far more. Bah humbug!

99 words.
It's time to return. Merlin is waiting and Arthur takes a moment to think.

Holiday exchange fic for Amorette
4000 words. Canon AU.
Warnings: Angst, mind control, some physical abuse.
It's quite ridiculous really how many mind controlling creatures Morgana manages to find. What did they do when they were not being captured in glass containers and used by evil sorceresses? One might hope to be immune soon. But not today, it seems.
Camelot Drabbles' Holiday exchange - 2014

Foam hands and kiss cams
950 words. Modern AU. Merlin/Arthur
Our boys are watching a game, but Arthur is obsessing with his phone and mostly ignoring Merlin. Then the 'kiss cam' zooms in on them.
Warnings: Kissing someone who's not your boyfriend. Very brief mentioning of homophobia, of which there is none in this story.

Different like me
Kidfic. Modern AU. Fluff.
Arthur doesn't like any of the colours. He wants... black. And the new boy has it.

In your wake
55 words

The very definition of the word
650 words. Modern AU. Office fic.
Uther's cheep office present has a strange, but occasionally wonderful side effect

Office fic, humorous. Inspired by the prompts and mine and other's reactions in the sign up comments. And myself having to google every word to find out how to say it. ;)

Knowing hands
460 words. Modern AU. Massage fic.
Where Merlin talks and Arthur says nothing, but Merlin hears him anyway.

Arthur Pendragon's haunted house.
860 words. Modern AU.
Uther believed in ghosts, but that’s no reason to bring a paranormal investigator to Arthur’s house! Right?

Come nightfall
80 words. Future fic. Merlin waits,
For years Merlin feared the coming darkness, now he longs for it.
It's a bit gloomy I guess, but in my head it's a little bit hopeful.

270 words.
It's the end of the world and Merlin is the only one left standing.How dared destruction celebrate its arrival with such beautiful colours?
Depressing weird stuff. Death and destruction.

Four beddings and a funeral - for Aeris444
3100 words. Modern AU.
There are many types of love. Merlin experiences some of them on his way to finding the big one. (Pun intended.)
Warnings: Minor character death. Some homophobia.
Camelot Drabbles' Holiday exchange - 2015.

Now with a follwup up (WIP (but nearly done)): 5 times Merlin fell even deeper in love and 1 time he learned he was not the only one.

Silver lining
105 words. Canon fic.
A different perspective of E1. S1.
The prince gave no thought to what he had destroyed, but it wasn't all bad.

Accidentally horizontal
430 words. (Pre?)Merlin/Artur. Merlin trips over Arthur after Arthur's had a night out with the guys.

110 words. A little drabble made for Camelot drabble's #257 Work - Artist Appreciation Month (Alby's "Work"


Momo (completed)
AU. Het.
It's hopeless. Merlin knows this. He is up against the Pendragons, with all their money and connections. Not to mention they have the nasty trump card of being blood relatives. Reason says he cannot win. His heart knows he has to fight.
Arthur can finally have the family he's been longing for. Old wounds can be healed and all will be well. There's only a puny algebra teacher in the way. Piece of cake.
13 + 3 bonus chapters, Approx 15k words.

Educating Arthur (completed)
Modern AU. High school fic, I think?
Arthur actually learns something at school today. Who'd a thunk it? And what can he do about it?
Part one: I thought I knew you

But I don't know any lullabies 28 chapters (completed)
Mpreg(!) Roughly 25k words, maybe? Modern AU.  Mpreg, illness, angst.
They always knew they would part ways and follow their ambitions. What he didn't know, and noone could have guessed, was that their one night together made something impossible happen.

Mermaid Merman Merlin (WIP) Merlin_writers community.
AU. Slash. It is now six months, two weeks and four days since Arthur should have died, but didn't.
It is six months, two weeks and four days since he had been saved by someone - something - that didn't exist. There had been a perfectly logical reason behind it all.

Pick up your phone, you gigantic clotpole (completed)
Modern AU. Fluff.
Arthur is not answering his phone, Merlin rambles on trying to find out why. Somehow dolls come to play an important part. As does Whiskey and Sambuca.

Dr. Candyman and Father Christmas (completed)
Modern AU. Warnings for hospital and sick kids. Merlin/Arthur
Pediatric Emergency Room Doctor Merlin brings candy for all the unfortunate children that have ended up in the emergency room on Hallowe'en. Arthur's been in an accident and wants some candy.
Having heard Arthur ramble on about the cute doctor, Morgana decides her brother should take a bigger part in the Christmas gifts for the childrens ward charity.

A day on the beach
Cause you are a forever kind of guy
Modern AU. Arthur is Royal. The one with the solitary prince, the school teacher and the dog.

5 times Merlin fell even deeper in love and 1 time he learned he was not the only one. (WIP (but nearly done))
Follow up to Four beddings and a funeral - for Aeris444
Tags: #257, fan fiction, merlin

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