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A Mom's hide-away

Listening to music with my eyes closed

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5 May
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Hey, I am Amarië or just Ama. Mother of two and usually lost and confused. A naive realist, cautious dreamer and major softie. I am easy to please, to humour, to amuse and to anger. TV slave, chocoholic and NOT a fan of romantic comedies or tv soaps (how lucky is my man, huh?).

So, after hanging around here for a few years perhaps I should update a bit. I seem to hardly ever venture outside Merlin fandom, besides for with a little stroll into Sherlock and Dr Who. (Which makes total sense for one with a Tolkien username. :P )

I seem to whine a lot (sorry folks) about not having time to write and I keep wondering if I will ever act my age, since I probably do sound like I am 12 or something. Then again, this is my sanctuary and I will treat is as such and I have the right to be a gushing, arm flailing, squeeing fan girl despite being over 30. So there.

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